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The threesome
Posted:Jan 25, 2020 11:16 am
Last Updated:Feb 4, 2020 7:34 pm

When I was in my 20's... a friend and his girlfriend cam over for dinner. After a nice meal and a visit... my girlfriend was tired and said she needed to go to bed as she had to work early the next day.

My pal - Ron, suggested we play some poker. I'm always game for cards so away we went. After a few hands, his girlfriend Kim said that it was boring and we should up the stakes and play strip poker! I looked at Ron... kind of wondering. He just gave me his goofy lopsided grin and started dealing.

I figured - well if he is in for me seeing Kim naked I'm in. I WAS kinda of worried about my girlfriend being asleep down the hall... but a horny young lad like me and a chance to see Kims gorgeous tits... well... away we went.

It didn't take long and we were all in our underwear.... Kim suggested that the winner of the next hand gets to choose something that the loser has to do. Now I WAS nervous... looked at Ron again and again... the crooked smile. So the cards were dealt. Dammit if Kim didn't win and I lost. So she says "I think Brett should let me suck his cock!" You guessed it - Ron... nothing but a crooked smile. He leans back on the sofa... a big L shaped sectional perfect for nighttime aerobics... and waves his hand.

Kim kneels in front of me, pulls my shorts down and starts gobbling up my raging cock... after a few minutes she suggests I lie down of the sofa and get more comfortable. She kneels over top of me and carries on sucking away... Ron takes this opportunity to get behind her and start slowly her pussy... so shes sucking and moaning... I'm looking at Ron in amazement and he just keeps grinning.

Twice I get close to blowing my load and she squeezes my balls hard to stop me and says not yet... I have plans for this. The second time she rises up, turns around and tells Ron she wants to suck her pussy juice off his cock... lowering herself down and waggles her ass at me. I am still kind of dumbfounded. Ron motions with his hands to indicate "fuck her ya dumbass"

I slide my cock into her dripping pussy not really believing this is happening and hoping my girlfriend doesn't wake up. Nice slow deep strokes so as not to throw her blowjob off... which from all appearances had Ron on the edge too. I could feel the pressure building and my grip on her hips tightened and my pace quickened,,, she reached back to stop me... popped her lips off Rons dick and said... no... I want you to in my ass. OMG. I had never had anal sex and this was it! I couldn't believe it!!

I rubbed the head of my dick all over her little pink butthole... lubing it up nice. She pressed back... wanting it inside... One little push and the head disappeared in her ass... she let out a low moan and I thought for sure we would wake my girlfirend... which added to the excitement. One or two gentle pushes and I was in to my balls. I think she had done this before lol. I started her in earnest and it didn't take long until I was shooting streams of inside her... and Ron came right around the same time. I think she had probably come five or six times at this .

We continued on for hours (ah to be 24 again) and sucking in every MMF combination imaginable. It was (some of) the best sex of my life
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