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Sexy Ink  

electrastorm69 39F  
1248 posts
10/2/2019 6:49 am
Sexy Ink

Take it or leave it, tattoos can be sexy on a woman. What do you think?

electrastorm69 39F  
260 posts
10/2/2019 6:51 am

Does a woman with ink peak your interest?

profcoquin27bis 55M
3101 posts
10/2/2019 7:00 am

depend the woman and tattoos

tryusfororal2019 63M/54F
134 posts
10/2/2019 7:01 am

wow, awesome

NorthSideAznGuy 36M
18 posts
10/2/2019 7:02 am

I'm definitely a fan of women sporting their ink

forgotforgetting 53M
7112 posts
10/2/2019 7:31 am

Depends on the ink and how the woman carries it.

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SC4wheels 46M
370 posts
10/2/2019 8:47 am

Yes, ink is sexy. I prefer a woman with some art. Au natural is nice too though.

jimoneball5 61M
115 posts
10/2/2019 8:55 am

Lots of HOT!

MyBaffies 50M
4258 posts
10/2/2019 10:14 am

Not a huge fan of ink, especially the whole sleeve designs.


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jolielaide 48F  
1348 posts
10/2/2019 12:38 pm

when ink isn't too overdone, like the individual is trying to cover every piece of skin. and on women i always wonder what was the catalyst for some of the work they have. i like sleeve work, but i've seen some (guys) that look so crowded it's hard to appreciate the imagery and makes my mind go blurry.

foxyman721000 47M
59 posts
10/6/2019 6:03 pm

a woman wearing only ink is absolutely sexy

gardenboy321 56M  
41190 posts
10/7/2019 10:02 am

It really depends on the woman, the tattoo, and the placement.

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rm_1littlehose 57M
436 posts
10/7/2019 3:30 pm

I love to see it, but not overly done. I too, do not get the whole sleeve look.

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